UMUI changes for automated job post-processing


Occasionally, the output files created by the UMUI (in the ~/umui_jobs/runid directory) require some manual editing before a job can be submitted. This occurs, for example, where use of a particular code modification requires there also to be some changes to one or more of the namelists.

In this situation, the submit procedure is more complicated: between hitting "Process" and "Submit" it is necessary to make the hand-edits. Unfortunately it is easy to forget to do this, which can result in the run being invalidated.

The following changes to the UMUI will permit the inclusion in the job database of the paths of some scripts, which will be run automatically on the local machine when the job is processed. They are run with a command-line argument consisting of the run ID of the job. The entries are found in:

For example, if you make entries as in the following window:

screenshot of UMUI window

then pressing "Process" will be equivalent to processing the job followed by running the commands:

    ~/scripts/common/mkghganc xacdb
    ~/scripts/common/mkqrad_44 xacdb
(or whatever the run ID) and any output from the scripts will be shown in a window, e.g.:

screenshot of UMUI window

How to install

(NB the above patch is effectively the same code changes repeated across each of the vn4.4, vn4.5 and vn4.5.1 trees; you can alternatively download just the diffs to vn4.5: umui-ppsc-diffs-vn45, and GNU patch will successfully apply these (with some line offset) to the other versions also -- try "patch -p3 < ...").

Any compatibility issues?

The UMUI changes described above do not appear to interfere with the editing of new or pre-existing jobs which do not make use of this extension.

If you give someone a basis file for job for which you have used the "local post-processing scripts" window, but the recipient is using an unmodified version of the UMUI, then when the job is loaded there will be a warning of unrecognised variables in the basis file (effectively, the paths of the post-processing scripts). When the job is then saved, these variables will be lost from the basis file and no further warnings will be issued when the job is subsequently reopened.

Last edited: 31 May 2002
Alan Iwi <>